Ambilight Fireplace

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Check out my Ambilight Fireplace!

it makes the Philips Ambilight TV system look like child play

A what?

Do you know that Philips TV system that lights up your wall with the same color as the picture on the TV screen? That's what they call Ambilight. It's a great system that ads another dimension to watching TV. It really ads a cozy atmosphere but.... only around the TV.

So when we decided to build a new fireplace, I decided to start a new project to make an ambilight fireplace. Read on to see how I did it.

Let's start with the results:

Ambilight Fireplace Animiation

This small animated gif file shows just a few colors. But...

It can make ANY COLOR

it can do many different EFFECTS from very smooth transitions to seizure causing blisterings. Even a fire effect is not missing.

it can also be turned off...

So now you got a small impression of what an ambilight fireplace is.

Since you are still reading, I assume you want to know more and see every single detail about this project. In the next paragraphs I will try to show you all the ins and outs.

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Last update: 17-04-2007